Rolling out HPV testing for cervical cancer screening and treatment: Experience from a multi-country project

  • Karen Milch Hariharan, Senior Director, Global Cervical Cancer and Nutrition, Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • Owen Demke, Associate Director, Global Diagnostics, Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • Isaac Okiring, Pharmacist, Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • Tasimba Mhizha, Access Programs Analyst, Clinton Health Access Initiative
  • Divya Sarwal, Program Manager, Cervical Cancer Program, Clinton Health Access Initiative

The full webinar recording can be viewed below, or at this link

Supplemental materials:

  • Presenter slides are available here.
  • A transcript of the Q&A in the webinar chat can be accessed at this link
  • "Cervical cancer: Three takeaways from CHAI’s latest study on human papillomavirus (HPV) testing," a summary of CHAI's recent BMJ article, can be accessed here.
  • A World Health Organization slide deck summarizing negotiated price discounts for cervical screening and treatment can be accessed here

We also recommend our July 2022 webinar also featured the CHAI and SUCCESS teams: Deploying Thermal Ablation Devices to Expand Access to Treatment for Cervical Precancer.

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