Cervical Cancer Briefs for Global Fund programs

TogetHER for Health's guide for countries seeking Global Fund funding to address cervical cancer


The Global Fund welcomes proposals for cervical cancer activities within the context of HIV and AIDS programs. TogetHER for Health's briefs offer basic information to help Global Fund grantees understand the activities for which they may seek Global Fund support.

The briefs are also helpful for any country or organization considering starting a cervical cancer program.

Brief #1: Overview

The Global Fund plays a role in addressing the high global burden of cervical cancer. Solutions include vaccination, screening, and treatment, plus activities to build support and demand for these services.

Brief #2: HPV Vaccination

Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by persistent infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus. The safe, effective HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer.

Brief #3: Screening for HPV and Cervical Cancer

Screening women with tests for HPV and visual inspection of the cervix allows health care providers to identify women with cervical precancer that can be treated, as well as women who may have invasive cervical cancer.

Brief #4: Treatment for Cervical Precancer

Appropriate, timely follow-up and treatment of women who screen positive for cervical precancer, using ablative or excisional methods, is a proven strategy for insuring precancers do not progress to cervical cancer. Women with cervical cancer also need pathways to care.

Brief #5: Community Mobilization, Advocacy, and Engaging Networks of Women Living with HIV

Investments in demand generation, advocacy, and engaging networks of women living with HIV are complements to investments in access to high-quality cervical cancer services.