What We Do

TogetHER is mobilizing a global movement to end cervical cancer deaths.


TogetHER was formed in 2017 by advocates and implementers demanding action to end a preventable global health tragedy killing almost 342,000 women in the prime of their lives every year.

The knowledge and technology exist to eliminate cervical cancer with effective, low-cost tools, even in the poorest parts of the world. Vaccines against cancer-causing strains of Human papillomavirus (HPV) are highly effective. Routine screening and treatment of lesions prevents cancer. Building cervical cancer prevention into critical health programs – like those for family planning and HIV/AIDS – creates a cost-effective one-stop shop ensuring women can live long, healthy lives.

Action on Cervical Cancer

The World Health Organization has called for the elimination of cervical cancer deaths. But so much stands in the way between political commitments and a world where women live free of cervical cancer:

  • Not enough attention- Women are dying because this issue is often ignored by donors and leaders.
  • Not enough funding- A lack of money means programs can’t reach more women.
  • Not enough coordination- Cervical cancer services don’t reach women where they need them (HIV clinics, family planning programs).
  • Not enough communication- We need to learn from each other to reach more women.


TogetHER is identifying key issues and leveraging our global connections to get programs implemented and scaled up in low-resource settings. We’re fostering the development of cutting-edge cervical cancer prevention technologies and strategies. We’re on the global stage making the case on behalf of the women who need these programs. And we’re amplifying the stories of these women and the dedicated practitioners working to prevent cervical cancer in the most challenging environments.

TogetHER’s global movement seeks to make cervical cancer deaths a thing of the past. Together we will end cervical cancer deaths.

  • Our Faces of Hope stories highlight the experiences of women facing cervical cancer and the practitioners working to help them.
  • Our Fact Sheets explore the link between cervical cancer and HIV, as well as the need to integrate cervical cancer into family planning programs.
  • Our Case Studies show what works in cervical cancer prevention in low-resource settings.
  • We’re busy – check out our News Feed.