Fact Sheets

Advocates fighting for an end to cervical cancer deaths need evidence to make the case to busy decision-makers. TogetHER's fact sheets present the truth about this disease and changes we need to see in an easy-to-utilize format.

Raising Awareness for Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer and HIV

Women living with HIV are at least four times more likely to develop cervical cancer and have twice the risk for death from invasive cervical cancer within three years than women who do not have HIV. This TogetHER fact sheet outlines how women are healthier and health funds are used more efficiently when we address the joint burdens of cervical cancer and HIV together.

HIV and cervical cancer fact sheet: sourced version and unsourced version.


Cervical Cancer and Sexual and Reproductive Health

Integrated sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care is one strategy to reduce the tragically high number of deaths each year from cervical cancer. Supporting girls and women to be healthy means offering a comprehensive package of high-quality, affordable health services when they present in health care settings. This TogetHER fact sheet highlights the means and benefits of addressing cervical cancer in the larger context of SRH.

SRH and cervical cancer fact sheet: sourced version and unsourced version.