Deploying thermal ablation devices to expand access to treatment for cervical precancer

Cervical cancer can’t be eliminated if women can’t access prevention interventions that are effective, affordable, and context-appropriate. Thermal ablation devices provide an efficient, portable and cost-effective means to treat pre-cancerous lesions without the challenge of supplying compressed gas and transporting heavy gas cylinders. 

Unitaid and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) recently summarized the results of a two-year project to increase access to lifesaving treatment for cervical precancer in low- and middle-income countries.(LMICs). Another element of this collaboration brought UNICEF’s Supply Division to the table to negotiate favorable access prices for thermal ablation devices that enable significant savings for programs in LMICs. 

We’re excited to see such access-focused partnerships not only strengthening what we know about what works, but also accelerating cervical cancer elimination efforts by reducing financial and logistical barriers. Read more.