TogetHER’s Small Grants Program/World Cancer Day

TogetHER for Health celebrated World Cancer Day - February 4, 2021 - by highlighting achievements of Jphiego/Botswana's successful introduction of thermal ablation into several pilot sites, supported in part by TogetHER's Cervical Cancer Grants Program.

Participants included: 

  • Dr. Amon Marwiro, Senior Technical Advisor and Country Program Manager, who provided an overview of their pilot, and shared lessons and plans for scale; and
  • Molly Rammipi, National Cervical Cancer Prevention Program Coordinator from the Botswanan Ministry of Health and Wellness, who shared the national vision for scale of screen and treat programming as an integral part of Botswana's vision for eliminating cervical cancer.

The full webinar recording can be viewed below, and presenter slides and a list of resources can be accessed at links below the video. Further questions and comments can be sent to us at [email protected].

Presentations from the webinar: 

Presenter: Molly Rammipi, Botswanan Ministry of Health and Wellness,
Title: Cervical Cancer Prevention Program Update

Presenter: Dr. Amon Marwiro, Jhpiego
Title: Developing a New Frontier for Cervical Cancer Treatment in Botswana

Presenter: Dr. Heather White, TogetHER for Health
Title: TogetHER for Health Cervical Cancer Grants Program Overview