Kenya’s Faces of Hope

Stories from cervical cancer survivors, health care providers, policymakers, and advocates

Nganga - AE_Nairobi_0718_0027

The planned Kenya rollout of a nationwide HPV vaccination campaign in 2019 is a huge opportunity for the country to prevent cervical cancer and save lives. Read More →

vision to end cervical cancer deaths

Patient advocates like Rose can help women navigate the significant challenges faced by women before and after seeking treatment for cervical cancer. Read More →

Together for Health

Integrating HIV and cervical cancer services at the same sites provides patients like Jackie with convenient, high-quality care. Read More →

Together for Health

Hannah Wambui and her team are battling a tough epidemic: roughly five percent of their clients show early signs of developing cervical cancer. Read More →

Together for Health

Kenyatta National Hospital’s Dr. Orora Maranga advocates for increased cervical cancer screenings and access to HPV vaccines for Kenyans. Read More →

Together for Health

Engagement of Christine’s faith community with information around cervical cancer made her a staunch champion for women’s health. Read More →