Why We Do It

Raising Awareness for Cervical Cancer

TogetHER is motivated by women like the ones in this video, who are learning about cervical cancer from one of TogetHER's partners, PSI. When women understand that they are at risk but they can access services to protect themselves from cervical cancer, they are empowered to stay healthy.

Why do we focus on advocacy and policy?

Advocacy and policy constitute the crucial next step in eliminating cervical cancer. We already have the inexpensive and highly effective scientific and medical tools that we need to save lives, but women continue to die from cervical cancer because of inadequate funds and policies to ensure these resources reach the women who need them. Advocates can provide decision-makers the information and support they require to scale up cervical cancer prevention and treatment services.

TogetHER advocates for adolescent vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV, which causes most cases of cervical cancer), screening and treatment for precancerous lesions (“screen-and-treat”) in women, and innovative research and development that will lead to cheaper and more effective diagnostic and treatment methods. TogetHER works with policy experts and government officials to determine the policy decisions that will most benefit the women and girls at risk of cervical cancer in a given location, and to lay the groundwork for successful implementation of the chosen policies.