TogetHER’s 2022 Year in Review

February 28, 2023

The last several years have confronted us with a list of global challenges that can often seem insurmountable. In the field of global cervical cancer prevention, the reality is that too many women are still diagnosed with this preventable disease, and far, far too many lose their lives.

And yet, the milestones reached in 2022 are cause for both celebration and further commitment toward cervical cancer elimination. New developments signal increased access to HPV vaccination around the world, even as innovative programs are proving that lifesaving cervical screening and treatment can reach more women even in the most challenging contexts.

TogetHER’s 2022 Year in Review summarizes our own efforts to support this unprecedented goal. Our last year saw us demanding accountability by funders and policymakers for their commitments to WHO’s cervical cancer elimination strategy, investing in innovative programs that can bring prevention to scale, and leveraging partnerships from rural Alabama to the streets of Nairobi, bridging the gap between the dream of elimination and the reality of lives saved.

As always, a sincere thanks to all of you working in cervical cancer prevention, saving lives today and preserving future generations. We owe it to everyone touched by this disease to keep moving forward, with optimism.