TogetHER Staff Spotlight: Sarah Bowler

In the five-plus years since our founding, TogetHER has prioritized putting a spotlight on the work of our members, the perspectives of leaders and experts in cervical cancer prevention, and on the fantastic work of organizations making strides in reducing the burden of cervical cancer in the most challenging environments.

We thought we’d mix it up a bit and shine that spotlight back on ourselves this year, to give our supporters an opportunity to get to know the people behind TogetHER for Health. Enjoy learning more about our Technical Advisor, Sarah Bowler!

What’s your name?

Sarah Bowler, but full name is Sarah Lee, very similar to the sliced bread and pastry brand.

What’s your organizational role?

I was brought on to the TogetHER team as a technical advisor in 2020.

Tell us something about what brought you to cervical cancer prevention.

When I first started working at TogetHER, I had previously worked with other team members on projects related to global HIV screening and treatment policies while completing my Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and was moving to Alabama to begin my Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree. I was interested in exploring further into the world of women’s health policy and advocacy. My role provided me with the opportunity to see how our work is just one piece of the larger picture of sexual and reproductive health.

What are your interests/hobbies/etc.?

Outside of TogetHER and my schoolwork, I am an avid runner and hiker. Despite some recent injuries, I try to run a half marathon in every city that I’ve live in—I’m currently at 11! I’ve hiked all over the U.S. and South America, and I’m always looking for a new place to get outside on the weekends.

I also love attending just about any type of sporting event, from my hometown Pittsburgh teams to the events showcased during last year’s World Games in Birmingham. I have recently gotten invested in Formula 1 racing and went to the American grand prix in Austin Texas—one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had!

Besides cervical cancer, what are some other issues you care deeply about?

I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate in Public Health in Maternal & Child Health Policy, looking specifically at access to family planning, something that I care about very much. In today’s social and political climate, it’s more important than ever to have conversations about sexual and reproductive health, family planning, and women’s health, which I try to do by talking very openly about my work and dissertation research.

What Is your current state of mind?

I’m in a state of nervous excitement! I am in the process of moving from Birmingham, AL to Washington, DC. I have loved living in the South, but I’m so excited to be closer to family and starting the next phase of my life in a city that I love.

What is your motto?

“It takes all kinds of people to make a world.” It’s something that my mom would say to me all the time growing up, especially when I was frustrated with someone or got into a disagreement. Her adage would remind me that it’s important to remember everyone is different and I need to try to see things from their perspective