The TogetHER Interviews

Perspectives from Key Leaders in Global Cervical Cancer Control

The impact of COVID-19 on global cervical cancer prevention efforts has been wide-ranging, with unclear long-term ramifications. Our new TogetHER Interview series provides an opportunity for key leaders in global cervical cancer control to discuss current challenges and provide perspective on where the field needs to go from here.

The TogetHER Interviews Revisited: October-November 2021

In the months following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, TogetHER reached out to leaders in global cervical cancer control to discuss challenges and provide their perspectives on COVID-19’s immediate impact on programs to safeguard women’s health in low-resource settings. We asked a select few participants from 2020's interviews to revisit the topic and provide perspectives on how their own work has changed in the last year

Nov 2, 2021. Anielka Medina highlights The Lily Project's innovative activities - including the development of an app to boost access to sex education, support and care for young women - in the midst of a still-raging COVID-19 epidemic in Nicaragua. Read More →

Oct 20, 2021. Elizabeth Mbuthia, Co-Founder and Member of Women 4 Cancer, discusses adjustments in programming - including more targeted screening of women and intensified training efforts - to sustain cervical cancer prevention services during COVID-19 . Read More →

Oct 13, 2021. Grounds for Health's Ellen Starr describes how her organization has actually increased its effectiveness in reaching women with cervical cancer prevention services despite the persistence of COVID-19. Read More →

The TogetHER Interviews: September-November 2020

Nov 19, 2020. IARC's Head of Screening, Partha Basu discusses how COVID-19 has impacted the agency's research activities - and how IARC is rising to the occasion.  Read More →

Nov 17, 2020. Grounds for Health's Ellen Starr gives us her perspective on how COVID-19 is magnifying health disparities that already hinder cervical cancer prevention efforts. Read More →

Nov 10, 2020. Mengistu Asnake Kibret, head of Pathfinder International's Ethiopia country program, tells us how cervical cancer prevention has been transformed by COVID-19. Read More →

Nov 10, 2020. President and CEO Lois Quam of Pathfinder International discusses how partnerships with governments are facilitating efforts to address COVID-19, and showcasing the leadership of women. Read More →

Oct 29, 2020. COVID-19 has deprioritized women's health programs - including cervical cancer screenings. President and CEO Carrie Hessler-Radelet from PCI and Global Communities describes the problem - and what keeps her hopeful. Read More →

Oct 27, 2020. Women's health - already perilously underfunded - faces new challenges as COVID-19 disrupts services across the world. President and CEO Karl Hofmann talks about how PSI's modifying programs to meet the moment in dozens of countries. Read More →

Oct 21, 2020. COVID-19 has necessitated changes to cervical cancer programs around the world, including in Zambia. Dr. Groesbeck Parham reminds us to keep core principles for providing health at the forefront, no matter the situation. Read More →

Oct 15, 2020. COVID-19 forced the Cervical Cancer Prevention and Training Centre in Catholic Hospital (Battor, Ghana) to shut down its screening programs from mid-March to June. Dr. Kofi Effah tells us how they're getting back on track. Read More →

Oct 13, 2020. The Lily Project's woman-focused approach has enabled 20,000 Nicaraguan women to receive cervical cancer screening, but COVID-19 has prompted a change in approach. Hear more from Executive Director Anielka Medina. Read More →

Oct 8, 2020. Basic Health International's cervical cancer prevention programs are active on three continents in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Executive Director Dr. Mauricio Maza tells us how this challenge provides an opportunity to strengthen public health.  Read More →

Oct 5, 2020. PATH President & CEO Nikolaj Gilbert describes the resilience and innovation he's seen from his team as they seek to safeguard decades of global health progress from the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More →

Sept 30, 2020. Elizabeth Mbuthia, Co-Founder and Member of Women 4 Cancer, discusses COVID-19's impact on cervical cancer prevention in Kenya, and how providers are adapting services to meet the challenge. Read More →

Sept 23, 2020. How is global health implementer Jhpiego adapting its programs to the new reality of COVID-19? In our first TogetHER Interview, Dr. Leslie Mancuso, President & CEO, talks about sustaining women's health programs while keeping providers and clients safe. Read More →