The Lily Project: Building a Woman-Focused Community Health Response in Nicaragua

Cervical cancer kills more Nicaraguan women than any other cancer. A lack of available resources to prevent and treat cervical cancer in Nicaragua is compounded by inadequate education regarding women’s health. Issues of stigma and machismo present further barriers that can make a woman’s decision to be screened for cervical cancer even more difficult.

In our newest case study, TogetHER is proud to highlight one group taking the fight against cervical cancer to rural Nicaragua. The Lily Project’s mobile clinics bring critical women’s healthcare with a patient-centered approach to rural Nicaraguan women, who otherwise would have little to no access to these services. Lily Project clinics have screened over 20,000 women for cervical cancer and provided sexual health education for 9,000 adolescent girls.

Case Study: The Lily Project: Building a woman-focused community health response in Nicaragua

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