Let’s Work TogetHER to End Cervical Cancer.

On November 17, 2020, we witnessed the World Health Organization launch its Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer, a clarion call to end a preventable killer of women across the world.

Achieving this incredible goal – the first-ever elimination of a cancer – hinges on expanding awareness, fostering political action, and scaling up what works while identifying new strategies that can fast track progress.

Building momentum to tackle global public health problems can be challenging in even relatively quiet periods, but the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought a new level of uncertainty. Without sufficient political and financial resources, commitments to end cervical cancer are untenable. We must act now.

TogetHER for Health is here to ensure these commitments are realized. It’s in our name: we work TogetHER with partners around the globe because we cannot do this alone, and we want to invite new partners to join our cause.

TogetHER for Health harnesses the expertise and experience of our members and partners to drive action toward cervical cancer elimination. Our recent Impact Report articulates our approach of Scaling Up, Scaling Out, and Scaling Deep. Our small, lean team has had a tremendous impact in a few short years, but we can do so much more with new levels of support.

Scaling Up: The Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative

TogetHER is advocating on behalf of cervical cancer elimination efforts to leaders of the Biden administration and the United States Congress for increased domestic and global funding for research, awareness and services for HPV and cervical cancer elimination.

With new support: TogetHER can amplify the power of this outreach, bringing new champions to our cause to safeguard and expand resources from the United States – and other bilateral and multilateral donors yet to make strong commitments – for lifesaving cervical cancer prevention programs.

Scaling Out: Cervical Cancer Grants Program

Because screening coverage is still less than 20% in most under-developed nations, it is critical to identify the most efficient, scalable ways to ensure access to cervical cancer prevention technologies. TogetHER’s Cervical Cancer Grants Program supports innovative projects transforming innovative ideas into proven strategies that will revolutionize cervical cancer prevention in the most challenging environments.

With new support: Programs supported through our Cervical Cancer Grants Program provide the data and evidence necessary to facilitate the introduction of new cervical cancer prevention strategies in countries where they’re most needed. Each additional project we can fund multiplies the potential impact of new strategies in low-resource settings, empowering a more effective response down to the community level.

Scaling Deep: Cervical Health in Kenya and Eastern Africa

The Kizazi Chetu campaign in Kenya – organized by TogetHER in collaboration with Scope Impact and more than twenty Kenyan organizations – is engaging influential Kenyan leaders to speak about the importance of early detection and treatment of cervical disease. This powerful collection of Kenyan voices is advocating for cervical cancer prevention in fresh, exciting new ways across the entire media spectrum. We invite you to join this conversation too.

With new support: We are currently designing the next phases of the campaign, extending its reach to more rural settings. We are also evaluating the potential to utilize Kizazi Chetu’s model to build a movement for elimination across sub-Saharan Africa, where 19 of the 20 countries with the highest national burden of cervical cancer are located.

Join our fight to save women’s lives. TogetHER won’t rest until the effort to end cervical cancer everywhere has the resources, innovative ideas, and strategic direction it needs.

Your support can help convert the unprecedented goal of ending cervical cancer into healthy, fulfilled lives for hundreds of thousands of women. We look forward to adding your voice to ours. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team – we would love to know how we can join forces with you.

“Lone Masai Women Stands Guard” by Shane (Lost Australian) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0