India’s Faces of Hope

Stories from cervical cancer survivors, health care providers, and advocates

Jagwati, a community health worker, meets with a group of women in her village in India. She finds that women are often embarrassed or fearful to discuss their reproductive health, including issues like cervical cancer.

Jagwati, a community health worker, educates and motivates women about the importance of getting screened and treated, if needed, for cervical cancer and pre-cancer. Read More →

Dr. Neerja Bhatla consults with fellow physicians regarding cervical cancer

In the heart of India’s capital city, New Delhi, Dr. Neerja Bhatla has been working for over two decades to prevent the spread of cervical cancer amongst Indian women. Read More →

Sangeeta Gupta is a cervical cancer survivor. Since her own fight against cancer, she encourages HPV vaccination for adolescent girls and cervical cancer screening among adult women.

“I wasn’t expecting something so serious…this shattered me,” said Sangeeta Gupta of her cervical cancer diagnosis. Her daughters and husband became her pillar of strength. Read More →

A health worker explained to Lakshmi what to expect at the cervical cancer screening camp

Lakshmi was experiencing discomfort in her pelvic area, but struggled to consult a doctor due to limited funds and the lack of medical facilities. She also felt embarrassed about this health concern, but a cervical cancer screening camp volunteer explained the urgency of getting screened. Read More →

Like any mother, Savitha worries about her children and wants to take every opportunity to protect them from harm. So when she heard that an HPV vaccine might protect her daughter from future cancer, she wanted to know more about it. Read More →