Chambers County High School Leadership Program



Chambers County high school students from Valley and LaFayette high schools are working together to educate the community on cervical cancer and ways to prevent it.

Alabama is the first and only state to launch a plan to eliminate cervical cancer, and Chambers County is in the forefront of this effort called Operation Wipe Out. Community leaders, Rotary Club of LaFayette, Chambers County School District, Quality of Life Health Care Services, and the Chambers County Health Department are committed to this goal because Chambers County has the highest cervical cancer incidence in the state of Alabama.

As part of the large Operation Wipe Out effort, high school students enrolled in the Health Science Career Technical Education Program are organizing a communication campaign to promote awareness about cervical cancer and information about HPV vaccination in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham through a grant funded by the National Cancer Institute. They have developed the logo and slogan for the campaign and are providing information in the community so parents can make an informed decision on how to protect their children and adolescents from cervical cancer and other cancers associated with HPV infection.

Operation Wipeout HOS 2

Because parents work and it is difficult to take time off to take their children/adolescents to the clinics, the Chambers County School District has planned for the HPV vaccine to be available at the schools. The vaccine will be administered by registered nurses as the schools have safely done in previous years.

HPV vaccination will be available at the middle schools on March 13, 2024, and in the high schools on May 8, 2024. Parents of students between the ages of 9 and 18 will receive consent forms in the mail along with a stamped envelope to return the signed consents to the Chambers County School District.  Only children/adolescents with a parental consent will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

For more information about the HPV vaccination days, contact the school nurses at the Chambers County School District.

For more information about cervical cancer and Operation Wipe Out, go to

Operation Wipeout - CCSD