Cervical Cancer Prevention: A Life-Course Approach to SRH

Q&A Conversation with TogetHER for Health and Population Services International

June 23, 2022

Integrating cervical cancer services into broader sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programs increases those programs’ reach and efficiency – and saves lives.

Effective SRH programs look beyond the window in which women are most likely to bear children, widening the perspective to adolescent health and the sexual health of women in their later years. Efforts to combat cervical cancer through effective prevention tools such as HPV vaccines and cervical screening and treatment can be instructive in understanding such a “life-course” approach to SRH. 

The Knowledge SUCCESS project – coordinated by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs and funded by USAID – sat with TogetHER for Health and Eva Lathrop of our member organization Population Services International (PSI) to talk cervical cancer prevention in the context of a life-course health continuum. Our Q&A accompanies an informative article that discusses the need for a life-course approach to SRH. 

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