Answers to Questions Regarding TogetHER’s Cervical Cancer Grants Program 2024-2025 Funding Round

22 April, 2024

Update – The submission period for our Cervical Cancer Grants Program closed on May 10th, 2024. Thanks to all of our applicants.

TogetHER’s Cervical Cancer Grants Program aims to provide small, highly targeted grants addressing demand and supply barriers that prevent access to the life-saving cervical cancer prevention services in low- or middle-income countries (LMICs). These catalytic investments directly improve the lives of girls and women and trigger systemic health improvements such as policy changes, regulatory approvals, and the development of tools and strategies adaptable across the health system.

TogetHER is currently accepting submissions from non-governmental organizations for its newest round of funding through the Cervical Cancer Grants Program. Questions regarding the application process and the Request for Proposals were accepted by TogetHER until Friday, April 19th, 2024. Submitted questions – and TogetHER’s responses to each – can be found below: .

QuestionTogetHER for Health Response
Would an entity based in a High Income Country be eligible if the proposed project is to be developed/implemented in a Sub-Saharan African country classified as LMIC?Organizations based in high-income countries are eligible to apply to the Cervical Cancer Grants Program provided that the project submitted is implemented in a low- or middle-income country.

The wording in the RFP reads as follows:
The Program limits funding to countries classified as low or middle-income countries, based on the current World Bank classification. Programs undertaken in high-income countries are not eligible to apply.
Can one organization submit more than one proposal?
Can one organization submit proposals to both Track 1 and Track 2?
Applicants may submit up to two proposals under this RFP, and no more than one per track. Proposals should clearly state under which track under which they should be considered.

Please note that a single institution can only be awarded one grant, even if multiple proposals are submitted.
Is it acceptable to integrate proposed projects with existing programs, and if so, what additional information would be required regarding these other projects?There is no issue with submitting a proposal that is integrated within a wider project. However, the submitted project proposal/budget must detail discrete activities and deliverables that would be specifically funded with support from the Cervical Cancer Grants Program. Applicants should also clearly delineate any co-funding and/or complementary activities undertaken as part of a broader program.
What is the duration of projects funded under this funding round of the Cervical Cancer Grants Program?Activities funded under the Cervical Cancer Grants Program would receive the first disbursement of July 1st, 2024, and be expected to be completed by June 30, 2025.
Are collaborative submissions involving more than one organization allowed?Yes, multiple organizations may submit a single proposal provided that the roles and responsibilities of each partner in the consortium are clearly described and the combined activities and budgets submitted are no larger than $30,000 USD.
Can organizations be considered for funding if they are still in the process of registering as a non-profit/NGO in the country in which they are based?Our contracting process requires non-profit/NGO registration certification for any organization considered for funding. Any group which has not registered as a non-profit by the May 10th submission deadline is not eligible to apply. This is a requirement under our fiscal sponsor’s due diligence process.
Can private companies be considered for funding under the Cervical Cancer Grants Program?TogetHER’s Cervical Cancer Grants Program is limited to funding groups registered as NGOs/non-profits in the countries in which they are based. Regardless of the organization’s activities, the guidelines of the Grants Program exclude submissions from private companies.
Will equipment/supplies required for the projects be supplied to funded programs?The RFP states, “Procurement of products and consumables are permitted under this award, with the exception of HPV vaccines. Funds cannot be used to procure HPV vaccines.”
Equipment and supplies will not be provided separately for funded projects. Project budgets must account for these costs. We recommend reviewing UNICEF’s Cervical Cancer Toolkit and the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s fact sheet on thermal ablation costs as resources for procuring cervical cancer prevention equipment and supplies.
Should projects be limited to only one province/state in an organization or can a project work across geographic areas?The specific geography – national, subnational, etc. – of the project is not mandated provided the project is undertaken in a low- or middle-income country by World Bank classification. Any proposal submitted should present a realistic scope of work in pre-identified areas with a project budget totaling no more than USD $30,000 for their proposed activities.
Can funding under the Cervical Cancer Grants Program be used solely to purchase equipment?Funding under the Cervical Cancer Grants Program can be used to procure equipment, but only in the context of a program with stated activities and measurable results. Thus, the funds cannot be solely used for the procurement of equipment and supplies.
Can an application be resubmitted with minor changes if it was rejected in prior cycles?Past submissions may be resubmitted with updates provided they were not selected for funding in prior cycles.
Are there standardized templates provided for grant proposal writing?There is no standardized template for proposals. Proposals must follow the requirements listed in the RFP guidelines. Please review pp. 6-7 of the RFP which clearly outlines all of the components of the submission, including required appendices.
What are grantee reporting requirements during and after implementing funded programs?Grantees will be required to report on their progress against these targets and metrics at 6-months and 12-months. The Cervical Cancer Grants Program prioritizes applicants able to demonstrate that their proposals are catalytic and able to build upon new and/or existing investments.
Would cervical cancer patient navigation fall under track 2?We are able to accept patient navigation activities under this RFP. Applicants should determine whether the scope of their activities more closely aligns with supply (i.e., capacity building, training, for new or existing patient navigators) or demand (i.e., promoting demand/providing education to patients for this service) for patient navigators.
How will program impact and outcomes be monitored and evaluated?Applicants are required to submit an evaluation component with relevant indicators and targets for their proposed activities. Please see p. 6 of the RFP for more details. Grantees will be required to report on their progress against these indicators/targets at the 6-month and 12-month project period, as noted above.

The Request for Proposals – including specific information on the types of programs funded, eligibility, requirements, and more can be found here.

All proposals should be submitted by email to [email protected] no later than 6pm EST on Friday, May 10th, 2024.